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Migraines & Headaches Specialist

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Occasional headaches don’t cause too much of a problem for many people, but severe or frequent ones can disrupt your life. If you deal with migraines or chronic headaches, over-the-counter medications aren’t always enough to ease pain. At Axis Spine and Pain, Board-certified physicians provide other forms of treatment for patients in Macon and Warner Robins, Georgia, who have these kinds of headaches on a regular basis.

Migraines & Headaches Q & A

What causes chronic headaches and migraines?

Doctors aren’t certain about what causes some people to get migraines or chronic headaches. Environmental and genetic factors might be responsible, but other explanations include brain chemical imbalances and hormonal imbalances.

You might have a higher risk of having chronic headaches or migraines if you have a family history of them or if you’re experiencing hormonal changes. Your risk might also increase as you age, especially if you’re a woman.

Do I have chronic headaches or migraines?

Chronic headaches and migraines aren’t the same things.

Migraines sometimes start with an aura that can occur days or hours beforehand, such as seeing flashes of light. These severe headaches can also cause other symptoms, such as vomiting, sensitivity to light, and nausea.

Chronic headaches are usually headache pain that occurs on a frequent basis without causing other symptoms.

What are the treatments for chronic headaches or migraines?

If you haven’t found relief from chronic headaches or migraines from over-the-counter medications and other self-care measures, you might benefit from different types of treatment.

Axis Spine and Pain offers injections that might offer more effective relief by lowering your risk of having migraines or chronic headaches. The physicians at Axis Spine and Pain can let you know if these injections, which include Botox® and occipital nerve injections, are suitable for you.

What are Botox injections?

Botox injections involve the use of a highly purified protein from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria, which helps prevent headaches from occurring.

These injections work for patients who have at least 15 headaches per month. Depending on your results, doctors at Axis Spine and Pain might recommend having these injections every 12 weeks.

What are occipital nerve injections?

Occipital nerve injections involve the use of corticosteroids to ease inflammation in the targeted area, which might help lower your risk of having headaches. The results of these injections can last anywhere from several days to several months, but keep in mind that this varies from patient to patient.

For safety reasons, you can only have these a few of these injections done within a specified period. The physicians at Axis Spine and Pain let you know how often you can come in for them.

If you need treatment for migraines or headaches, please contact Axis Spine and Pain to make an appointment in Macon or Warner Robins.