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Arthritis Specialist

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When you have arthritis, it’s common to experience pain and stiffness in specific joints. It can make everyday tasks challenging for you and stop you from participating in your favorite activities. If you haven’t found sufficient relief for arthritis pain, Board-certified physicians at Axis Spine and Pain provide other treatment options. Patients in Warner Robins and Macon, Georgia, who have chronic pain from arthritis might benefit from these forms of treatment.

Arthritis Q & A

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

Arthritis typically causes pain and stiffness in affected joints. You might experience these symptoms in any of your joints, but it’s more common in certain ones compared to others.

For example, pain and stiffness usually affect the knees, hips, hands, feet, and back. You might also have redness, swelling, and a limited range of motion in the affected joints.

What causes arthritis?

When you age, your joints can become inflamed due to gradual wear and tear. As the cartilage between your joint bones wears away over time, your bones can grind or rub together instead of having cushioning between them.

You have a higher risk of developing arthritis if you have a family history of this condition or any injuries that have affected your joints. Your risk is also higher as you age, especially if you’re overweight.

How do doctors diagnose arthritis?

The physicians at Axis Spine and Pain conduct a physical exam to check your joints and determine if their range of motion is restricted. They might also do lab tests that involve checking joint fluid or order X-rays and other imaging tests to pinpoint the problems that are causing pain, stiffness, and other symptoms.

What treatments are available for arthritis?

Conventional treatments for arthritis include medications that reduce inflammation and ease pain. Physical therapy might also provide some relief. If these forms of treatment aren’t sufficient, surgery is another option, but it comes with severe risks.

Axis Spine and Pain offers remedies for arthritis that are effective and don’t have these risks, such as joint injections.

What are joint injections?

This type of nonsurgical treatment involves getting injections of corticosteroids in your affected joints. These injections directly target sore joints, resulting in more efficient pain relief. Corticosteroids reduce inflammation in arthritic joints, which helps ease stiffness and improve range of motion again.

Do joint injections hurt?

Board-certified physicians at Axis Spine and Pain give you a local anesthetic before administering joint injections, so you shouldn’t experience any discomfort.

You might feel sore for a bit afterward, but this won’t last long. Patients can have up to three or four joint injections a year if needed.

If you need treatment for arthritis, please contact Axis Spine and Pain to schedule an appointment with a Board-certified physician.